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We are constantly learning and changing to serve you better.  

Our only purpose here on this earth is to give you healthy options.   
Passion for food moves US forward, passion for healthy foods moves US towards health. 

We are vegan and health activists   

Invest on your health, and the return will filter into all aspects of your life. 

Its about looking at the food you eat and determining whether or not the best food on the planet is what you deserve.

Our Story

 Roots Super Foods + Vegan Market started out with the idea of being a restaurant to add an option of healthier foods in our community. Once the ball started rolling ideas kept flowing like a river, we thought “Why should we stop there?”. Our dream had morphed into something more meaningful, something we think can help change the world and people’s lives for the better. 

As we grow and learn on this journey we see more and more everyday people need help. But how can we help people if we are just a restaurant? By doing the research for you. 

We’ve read and seen every “how-to” vegan book, research study, exposing animal farming documentary, get your health on track movie/book and they all point to the same thing.  It’s time for a change.  For our planet, health, and our animals. The question we hear the most besides where we get our protein is “how do I eat vegan?” So, we made it easy and created meal plans for the everyday consumer. We created a dip your toes in 1 day to 1-week meal plan. As we kept brainstorming we realized science proves it takes 21 days to break a bad habit and start a new one. Which gave birth to the 21-day cleanse challenge.  We will give you all the meals, snacks, fresh juices you need to be healthy to start obtaining a healthier lifestyle for a whole 21 days at a reasonable price. Keeping in mind most of these people struggling with disease on top of their daily lives need something convenient and affordable. This is why we decided to give food out on occasions for free to people struggling with disease. This package is perfect for someone who needs guidance in the right direction but even better for people who struggle with health problems. 

What kind of health problems?

Heart disease, Cancer, Diabetes, and Obesity are just the big guys. There are 15 million people living with cancer alone in the United States! 610,000 people die from heart disease every YEAR in the United States. The numbers speak for themselves the standard American diet isn’t making a positive impact on our health. Meat and Dairy items such as deli meats a bacon to name a few have been classified as class A (highest ranking) carcinogens by the FDA. Carcinogenic means having the potential to cause cancer. The meat and dairy industry have been booming for decades. Thanks to great marketing and big business moguls. These past few years have put dents in these industries as people are learning it’s all a fallacy. For example, “Got Milk?”.  The media has brain washed parents and children in to thinking we need cow’s milk to make strong bones. The truth is broccoli and all leafy greens get the job done better than cow’s milk.

This is when we saw people needed more options for substitutes and they had to be tasty if we were going to help make a bigger impact. That’s when we added nut milks, plant based cheeses, and plant based meats by weight to our menu. Fresh pure ingredients made in-house no GMOs, no carcinogens a promise we intend to fulfill always. Us being researchers we decided to look in to the produce we all find at super markets and even at our favorite restaurants. 

What people are saying about veganism

“For your own family’s sake”

For your own family’s sake, and for everyone else’s, we cant just clean up our own diets. We need to be active to fight for a more just and  sustainable food system for all. 

-Michael Greger, MD

“I am not ‘biased’ because I am vegan”

I am vegan because after extensive research I have learned that, besides being the most ethical decision.  A plant-based diet is the best for my health and the health of the environment “

-Dr Garth Davis MD

“Cure and prevent disease with nutrition”

The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human body with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.

-Thomas Edison

“The beef industry has contributed to deaths”

The beef industry has contributed to more Americans deaths than all natural disease, and all automobile accidents combined”

-Dr Neal Barnard

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